Asap Rocky Admits Being Gay

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 Asap Rocky Admits Being Gay

Ok so i seen this video from about asap rocky saying he was a homosexual and thats fine nothin wrong with it if thats what you want to do.The problem is see with everyone in the game being openly homosexual or bisexual  our youth just like when we was young imitate our idols and look up to people we wanna be like so if all the role models is sucking each other off how we gonna act suprised when our kids do it. i know i put on first pair of tims because of wu bout u?See on the other hand some people say you know who you are when your born.Like little boys that like to play with dolls instead of trucks.So its like everything else to sides to the coin of opinion.How do you feel about this let us know leave a comment.


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7 thoughts on “Asap Rocky Admits Being Gay

  1. I think this was edited but if it wasn't and my baby really is gay I'm going to have an emotional brake down . But it's all good cuz no matter what he likes I still think he's the most sexiest thing to ever touch earth. So babe do you cuz it has no effect over me what so ever cuz idk u. I'm gonna pretend I have no clue ur gay :) :( :( :,(

  2. look,th video is fake ..asap’s voice was alterd by some bitch who couldnt mind his/her own business..before u tlk check if its th truth or not ..

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